Vásquez Urra Abogados

Specialists in civil, commercial and economic litigation, national and international arbitration, and the resolution of highly complex disputes

Vásquez Urra Abogados

+ 10,000 hours of practice in ordinary, special and arbitration Courts

Vásquez Urra Abogados

Excellence in the provision of legal services recognized by international rankings

Vásquez Urra Abogados

We advise and assist our clients in the legal management of disputes in Court and arbitration jurisdictions.

Vásquez Urra Abogados is a Law Firm who specialise in dispute resolution. Each case brought to us is rigorously studied considering the industry the client comes from. We work with a multidisciplinary team of experts who collaborate with us assisting in the analysis and technical support of the case, if required.

We have professional experience in Chile and abroad, and studies at universities in Spain, the United States of America and Australia.

The level of excellence of the services provided has been recognized by our clients both large businesses and individuals, who seek our counsel in order to resolve a range of issues from business development to everyday legal matters.

Dispute resolution

We specialise in dispute resolution, providing comprehensive solutions with a multidisciplinary legal approach in search of results designed specifically for each client.


Mediation, litigation, arbitration

We define the appropriate strategy in order to assertively wield the resources offered by common jurisdiction and arbitration.


+ 10,000 hours of legal practice

We have extensive experience in Chile and abroad in the provision of high-level legal services.


Billing structure suitable to each client

We consider the circumstances of each client in order to offer reasonable fees taking into account the complexity, extent and amount involved.

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